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The Rector Girls

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After her single mother passed away, Grace Rector got a tattoo—and wrote a book. Pouring her love, grief, and familial experiences into written word, Grace ties her relationship with her mother and travel into The Rector Girls. This captivating memoir reveals the beauty of an untraditional family: from her mom handpicking “the Big Kids,” Grace’s chosen siblings, to letting Grace hitchhike across the Bolivian border. Each chapter is embedded with tokens of wisdom, such as “Learn from Strangers,” “Ask and you Shall Receive,” and “Celebrate Everything.”

At its core, The Rector Girls is about the lifelong lessons and intimate bond between mother and daughter. Rector’s story reveals how life never goes according to plan, but that the improvisations are what makes it unique. Honest, heartfelt and heartbreaking, Grace lets us into her world and her most vulnerable moments, inspiring readers to live their life with fullness and gratitude.


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A single mom by choice and a single mom's daughter on loss, anxiety and sperm donors

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This book is a labor of love

The only thing we can control is how we react to the events in our lives. My mom taught me to let go and be more present. This skill enables me to focus on my reaction to terrible events that are out of my control.

This book is for individuals who are curious, interested in travel, and want to hear a completely different story. My untraditional family may not seem perfect, but it is perfect for me. This novel is a “creative nonfiction.” My mom and I embellish the truth to make our stories more relevant to people we tell stories to, so I hope this story relates to you in some way.

This writing process made me more grateful for all the supportive people I have in my life. While you are reading this book, I hope you take the time to reflect on who the important people in your life are and how they have impacted you. Reflection was key to my mom’s life, and it was the reason she decided to become a mother. If you leave this book remembering anything, I hope it is this:

When life doesn’t go as planned, take a breath and figure out how you will react to it. If you want better friends, go find them. If you can’t stand your blood family, go make your own family. If you don’t find your partner when you’re twenty-two and cute, surround yourself with incredible friends who support you in every way.

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