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About Me

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I am from Los Angeles, California, where I was raised by my single mom for the first 21 years of my life. From a young age, I traveled with my mom on work trips to places all over the world (some include: Guatemala, Rwanda, and Morocco). A childhood filled with so much adaptation taught me the importance of cultural appreciation and the value of learning foreign languages.


According to my unique upbringing, travel, learning languages, and meeting new people are my main interests. I grew up speaking Spanish with community members and my extended family, but it wasn't until I went to Morocco in 2016 that I learned a completely new language, and it was difficult! I first visited Morocco for my mom's work, then I returned on a US government scholarship (National Security Language Initiative for Youth) that aimed to teach young people critical languages, and I left this experience with an intermediate level of Arabic that I continue to use today.


Throughout my education, it has become more and more clear about what I want to do. I care about equitable and quality education for all children in the United States and across the world. At the beginning of my career, I am flexible to where I might make my impact; however, I know that I want to work for an organization that prioritizes educational programs based on students' experiences instead of making generalized assumptions about what students need.

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