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Week 2: Exploring the City

After acquainting myself with the basics of the program I will participate in for the next three months, I dedicated this week to exploring the city as much as possible in order to find places good for studying, adventuring, eating, drinking and more.

Cecilia, my friend from high school, and I reconnected last week, and this week she kindly offered to include me in her weekly traditions. On Tuesday Cecilia and I went to Vinocracia(a restaurant near Plaza Ñuñoa) for their deal of the day: Pisco Sours for $1.500 pesos = ~$2. I had the opportunity to meet a couple of her friends from George Washington University. I remember several moments that night when I couldn’t help thinking to myself how simultaneously big and how small the world is. What are the chances I would be sitting in a restaurant in Santiago, Chile with three girls from a University in Washington, DC only a 10-minute drive from my university, Georgetown?

DC Gals in Santiago, Chile

The following day I went to the birthday party of a lovely girl that I actually met in the airport on my journey from Los Angeles, CA —> Santiago, Chile. Turns out there were four women on the flight from LA —> Dallas, Texas feeling stressed that the flight was delayed by ~5 hours. When we finally arrived at the airport in Dallas, we all independently ran to the same gate. At this gate, we pleased airport security to let us board the plane that we could see on the tarmac. The airport staff regretted to inform us that they would not allow us to board the plane, and thus this common struggle brought us together. That night we all stayed at the same hotel provided for us by American Airlines, and for dinner, we even ate some delicious drive-through food from Taco Bell thanks to our generous cab driver. We spent the next day together, then boarded the plane to Santiago together, and finally said goodbye to each other upon landing in Santiago!

Airport Friends: Dani and Camila

One of the women I met in that experience invited me to meet her family and attend her birthday party! The party was such a great experience and it allowed me to meet my friend’s family, practice my Spanish social skills, learn more Chilenismos, and eat great food. 

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