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Sweet Home Sarajevo

With only three days left here in Sarajevo, I have begun to reflect on my time here: the places I've seen, the people I've met, the food I've tried, and the friends I've made. As was cheesily sang at a restaurant here, "Sweet Home Sarajevo, where the skies are so grey!" Sarajevo really is home despite the rainy days because there's always a warm and friendly coffee shop to duck into, or it's not that bad to stay in your house with the stunning views of the mosques, catholic churches, and cathedrals side by side.

Though it is a small town, I've never grown bored, never run out of things to do because there is ALWAYS something happening. Events are organized into nice booklets, which are updated each month with music events, places to eat, and sites to see.

The friends that I've made here, locals and foreigners, have shown me true friendship. I know it sounds cheesy, but being with my friends here have shown me the friends I deserve wherever I go. The people that I'm friends with in Sarajevo are so hospitable and go out of their way to offer you a coffee, or in my case, a tea, because they want to be a good host. This last week I thought I would go to all the places I haven't been, but I just found myself going to the same coffee shop, same restaurants, and hanging out with the same people because I've found a patterns; I've found my rhythm, and I'm so sad that my time is up. My favorites: 1) COFFEE SHOP: Espresso Lab 2) PURSE SHOP: Rukom 3) BAND: Dubioza Kolektiv 4) BAR: Blind Tiger 5) RESTAURANT: Diveri

6) EXPRESSION: "Shala Mala" (I'm joking)

7) VIEW OF THE CITY: Yellow Fort

8) BRIDGE: Latin Bridge (I'm biased)

9) FOOD: Onion Dolme 10) CITY: Sarajevo <3

Espresso Lab - Honorary Employee

Rukom Bags - All Handmade

Dubioza Kolektiv - OK Fest

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