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Nicaragua 2013

I went to Nicaragua this summer for 12 days with an organization called Me to We. We were there working in a community called El Trapiche doing various jobs. The first job we worked on was building a wall next to one of the schools in case of a mud slide. Another job was building a brick wall around the water reservoir a few minutes away from the school. The last job was digging out a hill next to the school.

I was there with a group of 22 teenagers ranging from 15-19 years old. The group really bonded because of all of our similar interests. We became almost as close as family by the end of the trip. We participated in many trust activities and challenges. Our group always made it through the obstacles because we all trusted one another.

On this trip I learned a lot about myself. I learned that I am a dominant leader and I should a back seat. I learned that the issue I am most passionate about is illiteracy in developing countries, and in my future, I hope to directly address that issue.

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