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Hvala za Moj Kurs Bosanski

For the past three weeks, I have been taking an intensive Bosnian language course for 3 hours everyday. I decided to take this course so I could 1) speak more with my colleagues in their native language, 2) speak more with the beneficiaries at the organization, 3) and for general communication needs while in Bosnia. The first week, we started with an hour of watching Bosnian movies and practicing acting out some of the scenes. After the hour of "cultural class" we had 2 hours of Bosnian grammar and language with our beginner's teacher Amina. The first week was difficult at first because I knew nothing, but by the end of the first week it was incredible how much we had learned. One girl in our class was Czech and her language is very similar to that of Bosnian, thus she decided to move the advanced class, while a girl in the advanced class decided to move down.

There was only this small fan in our room and it was HOT so Abby and Ayaho kindly offered to fan me :) This is friendship <3

The second week, we started with an hour of singing in Bosnian, and we learned the songs "Bolje Letim Sam," "Absolutno Ja Sam Tvoj," and "Himna Generacje." This week was especially fun for me because I got to know my classmates better, and because I could start understanding more things. Our class moved fast, but by the middle of my second week I could write a long paragraph about myself including, where I'm from and what I like to do. Our beginner's class became especially close because of all the hours laughing and struggling together. My class included a Greek man, Swedish woman, Japanese woman, and two American women, including myself.

The third week came too fast. To be honest I was ready for it to be over since I had been working or in class from 9am-5pm, then 5:30-8:30pm everyday for three weeks. This week for the first hour of class we learned about general Bosnian culture including, but not limited to, how to make Bosnian coffee, how to bake Bosnian cookies, and learning Bosnian idioms. By the end of the week, my friend Abby and I had become so delirious that everything made us laugh in the class. Amina, our teacher, was patient and kind to us. By the end of three weeks, we had learned over 30 verbs (and how to conjugate in present, past, and future), hundreds of nouns, and how to pronounce everything properly. We celebrated on the last day of our third week with a gathering of our teachers and students, which was so lovely.

Thank you to my teacher Amina for enabling me to be confident in my Bosnian language abilities.

Through my class I made great friends for grabbing burgers (and veggie burgers) with

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