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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (Lake Edition)

We piled into the car at 10am and drove for hours. My coworker Nermana had told me about Konijc but I hadn't seen pictures so I had no idea what to expect. Despite the heat that cooked us inside the car, we had a great time singing to Bosnian and American music on the radio.

Upon our arrival, I was stunned by the beauty of the landscape around me. The water was so clear and blue. There were families all around with their kids running around. Six young men were all sitting on a log in the water.

I couldn't wait to get into the water because I love swimming with a passion. Nermana and I swam out far and swam to a different shore. Along the way she taught me some great Bosnian phrases I remember still. After lounging around a bit longer, we decided to walk to a nearby cafe for a drink and food. We walked through this outdoor cafe until we found a table close to the lake. As I mentioned, I LOVE swimming, so I dropped my things at the table and dived into the freezing cold lake. Despite the freezing cold water, the weather was warm that it balanced out. While swimming the waiter came up to me and asked for my drink order, haha, what a life!

Nermana, Joy, and Nermana's friend Alisa joined me in the water and we swam around in the most beautiful lake. Nermana preceded to talk to our waiter, Mirza, and we made friends with other Bosnian women nearby us. We had a delicious dinner by the water and Mirza joined us for a bit. We had so much laughing and telling stories.

We decided to have a mini-photoshoot on the water, and Mirza helped me into a boat attached to the dock to get some professional photos! He walked the boat around the dock just pulling it with a rope and we could not stop laughing. Did I cut my foot on the anchor in the boat? Perhaps, but I'm no longer surprised by all the scars I collect from falling off things or running into things while traveling.

This was such a nice day just because we could relax and we also got to know some other Bosnians. I am grateful to Nermana for inviting us on this fun Girls' Day :)

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