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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (Festival Edition)

Usually, I am the girl with all of the guy friends; it just happens to be that way. However, while traveling I have found several women who I love and tonight I had such an amazing time with them all. I heard about the annual Beer Festival from a friend from my university who was in Sarajevo last summer and so I decided to attend this year. I texted all of my girlfriends living in the city and invited them to come to the Festival. I met three girls through Facebook, one through couch surfer, one from Bosnian class, and one from Blind Tiger.

We got to see Frenkie the Rapper perform who I didn't love, but he seemed like a crowd music. Honestly, the music got worse from there, but the company made it the best. We tried a variety of beers, then danced to a Bosnian rock band pretending we knew the songs.

Following that, we went to a dance club called Sloga where I enjoy going to dance. It was fun to dance with my girlfriends and just enjoy myself. Afterwards we went to Pengvin for hot dogs because the shop is open until sunrise most days. I am so grateful for the amazing women that I have met so far.

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