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Community Finds You

Blind Tiger Wednesdays are an exchange of cultures, languages, drinks, and stories. I found this group through the Facebook Sarajevo Expats Group and I am so glad that I did. This Wednesday when I went, I met American diplomats, interns at the Norwegian embassy, an American German translator, Bosnians, and more! It was so much fun to talk to such a diverse group of people and to listen to the stories that they have accumulated throughout their time in Sarajevo. This group of Bosnians and ExPats meet every Wednesday and are constantly inviting new people to their group :)

This gathering of people reminded me how interesting it has been to meet people here. As I previously mentioned, Couch Surfing has been an interesting platform for meeting people in this city, and I have found people very eager to make new friends which is helpful when one is new in a city.

I have also found community among my coworkers; I have come to see my coworkers as sisters and sometimes mother who I love so much. I am so grateful that I have had the chance to form the community that I have. (See the first image in this post) I have also had the chance to meet our Bosnian beneficiaries, and while I cannot fully communicate with them, I am grateful for their compassion and willingness to open their homes to us.

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