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I'm going to Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina!

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

This summer I will be working for Women for Women International as a storytelling intern in addition to supporting the organization with fundraising and marketing. I am grateful to the Beeck Center for choosing me as one of their GU Impact Fellows this year. The GU Impacts program through the Beeck Center for Social Impact allows a cohort of around 20 students annually to take part in a sustainable internship domestically or abroad that focuses on social impact. The aspect about this fellowship that I appreciate the most is their emphasis on sustainability and also their intentional recruitment of partners who are looking for non-locals (i.e. Americans) for their associated skills not due to gaining a reputation. The GU Impacts Coordinator who set up most of these partnerships asked the organizations if this was a job that a local could take and if they said yes, he would look for another organization.

My job description will evolve over the summer, but at the moment my job is to tell the stories of beneficiaries of the organization and to work with them to improve their marketing to potential sponsors. I am very excited for this new endeavor! I look forward to meeting the 5 incredible women who run this office in Sarajevo and I look forward to learning some of the national language.

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