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Argentina 2014

I’ve never been to Argentina until this trip, and boy was it worth the wait. We were fortunate enough to be in Buenos Aires on el día de Los desaparecidos which is a day remembering those killed by the military police from 1974-1983. The people killed were taken from their families and often never seen again. It was powerful to see the descendants of persons disappeared and the strong ties they still held with their loved ones.

One of my favorite parts of our trip to Argentina was taking a tango lesson and watching a tango show! Argentina is known for its exquisite tango shows and I was not disappointed.

After about a week in buenos aires, my mom and I took a boat to Uruguay where we spent two nights. Uruguay was so small but fun because we could explore so much of it! My mom and I rented a gold cart and rode along the coast on our last day!

When we went back to Argentina, we flew to Iguazu, Argentina where the famous Iguazu falls is located. We were lucky enough to view the falls from both the Argentina and Brazil side. We even got to go on a boat ride UNDER the falls! The falls were absolutely beautiful.

For the rest of the trip we stayed with friends of my mom and their family in Córdoba, Argentina. We went to Argentina for the main purpose of checking out a Casa program through LMU and it was a blast to meet the students.

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